Hiper Cast launches the second production line


This project is co-financed by the ERDF European Regional Development Fund


Hiper Cast GmbH industrial development, since its first breath, it has been thought as a site with at least two production lines with a total production capability around 20.000 ton/year.

Initial scale-up production, presented in 2013 business plan, considered a production of 12.000 ton already with two lines (one fully occupied and the second with 50% occupation). This value will be still reached, as foreseen, at the end of 2019, only with first line, fully saturated with a utilization time above 95%. (Thanks to some targeted technological updates made during the last two years)

Considering 2018 financial results and the good start of 2019, there are all premises in place to double production capability with a new investment of 8 Million €, which will bring total production capability above 23.000 tons

New line will be fully in production during spring 2020 and it will be further improved from technological point of view, through the implementation of state of art technology solution coming from world leader suppliers, specifically designed and studied for Hiper Cast GmbH needs, and at the forefront of innovation for extrusion plastic film.

In the view of minimizing environmental impact, there will be some innovative solution on the technological plants serving the production line, which will allow a reduced energy consumption together with an increased productivity. Furthermore, high level of automation (designed and implemented internally) tailor-made on our production process, will allow all technicians to direct efforts to optimize production management and to obtain high quality product as requested by our customer.