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With more than 15 years of knowledge and experience in the medical packaging business, we develop CPP film for different medical applications: sterile shatterless pouches that are extremely elastic and resistant to puncturing; laminating and sealing against non-lacquered medical paper; sterilisable peelable and sealable CPP film sealing against uncoated (and coated) Tyvek® with adjustable peeling forces; retortable overwrap CPP film with outstanding transparency and flexibility; thermoforming films with thicknesses ranging from 50µm to 150µm and with high clarity. 


Pet Food


More than a decade ago our researchers were among the first to produce the CPP block copolymer film for wet pet food stand-up pouches with easy tear. Now, with our production line and the new available resins on the market, we can supply a very smooth film with outstanding mechanical strength, a greater sealing resistance after sterilisation at 134°C and that is easy to weld even in the presence of contaminants. We also produce film for cold form aluminium trays. Our unique multi-layer extruder allows for an easy formability without memory return and superior puncture resistance. The films have minimal residual volatile solvents and have been checked to identify NIAS. The films are produced according to Commission Regulation (EU) 10/2011 and raw material are FDA approved




In the food packaging market (direct contact with the product), we have developed a wide range of many different CPP film formulations, tailor-made for specific applications. We have pastorisable and/or sterilisable film, which can be used for dry products, confectionery, bakery, fresh and processed products. These films are designed to perform at the highest possible speed on the most updated packaging lines (VFFS, Flow Pack, TFFS, etc.) with outstanding heat (and cold) seal strengths and high transparency also for thick themoformable materials. These films have minimal residual volatile solvents and have been checked for NIAS. Our films are produced according to Commission Regulation (EU) 10/2011 and raw material are FDA approved




In the packaging market for food and textile applications, we can produce standard materials for manual and low speed lines and very slippery films with low sealing temperatures. We are also able to control COF on both sides of the films, which is particularly appreciated in the knitwear sector. In this market, the quality we are able to provide with our products, such as film flatness, thickness uniformity, outstanding transparency and easy sealability is highly valued as it gives the opportunity to our clients to increase packaging line speed, thus reducing energy consumption, production waste and drastically reducing non-conformity returns.


Special Applications


We have a special film design for flocking that is extensively used in car and other vehicle interiors to provide the “velvet” or "suede" touch to the composite plastic parts. We also have dedicated formulations for adhesive closures for adult and baby diapers, which need to be highly tear resistant and stretchable. Furthermore, we recently designed a film that is used as a handle to transport fresh food packaging nets. The film must be particularly resistant to withstanding the weight of the fruit in the packaging nets and to being processed at high speed on the packaging lines.  

Sustainability & safety

Certified to ISO 9001:2015. We apply EC Regulation 2023/2006 on GMP and issue certificates of conformity for each product. Production waste is regenerated by third parties for secondary use. 

Quality & Sustainability

A power consuming process that only uses energy from renewable resources. In our case, 100% of the energy is harnessed from water with no impact on nature.

100% Renewable Energy

Standard test protocols are in place to control product quality. Tests can be agreed upon on a case-by-case basis to meet the specific needs of clients.

Test Protocols